Private Residence and Private Gallery with Entertaining Suite,
St James, Westminster, London

Cultural and Hospitality

Westminster, London


Re-model and refurbishment of Georgian townhouse in St James, Westminster. 

The sympathetic restoration improves vertical connectivity whilst extending to the rear of the property to expand the buildings footprint creating high performance spaces fit for the 21st century.  

The circa £2 million construction works are to be completed in January 2020. 

Pico Fitness and Cosmetics,
Wardour Street, Soho, London

Private fitness and clinic

Soho, London


CAT B commercial fit out to accommodate five private consultant rooms, a bar and an arrival lounge. Maintaining the natural light of the dual aspects floor plate whilst subdividing the floor plate was a key driver for the final designs. ​

Completed in April 2019 

Mammoth Gallery and Workspace,
Bloomsbury, London

Gallery and Workspace Start-Up 

Six storey refurbishment and part redevelopment of a Grade 2 listed Georgian town house in Bloomsbury. 

The proposal includes four storeys of co-woring office space above two storeys of private gallery space.​


The Mill developed proposals to RIBA Stage 4  [Tender] in March 2018.

Monzo Bank, Shoreditch, London 

Technology Start-Up 

This fast track CAT A+B commercial fit-out reconfigures a tired 'rabbit warren' floor plate to create a high tech,  dual aspect, flexible event space with a selection of collaborative and informal work settings supported by more traditional desking and meeting room environments.


With a rapidly increasing number of staff, currently circa 100, the new offices provides the start up with an environment that supports their current activities but has the flexibility to cater for their projected future growth.  

The proposals reflect Monzos requirement for highly flexible spaces that can shift from focused work settings to team break out meetings to 100+ person seminars to a 200+ person evening events.

The  high tech yet homely settings are more akin to a public square composed of cafes and public seating than a workplace in the traditional sense.


Completed in April 2017  

Before and After | Monzo Bank
Shoreditch, London

Technology Start-Up 

Old Street Roundabout, London

The slider displays Monzo Banks central event space prior to and post construction.


It illustrates how the space has been transformed from an outdated compartmentalised floor plan with suspended ceilings to a modern bright environment with exposed services.

R​e-Stitch, Ashford​, Kent

Ashford Borough Council


Unlocking the potential of Ashford’s urban situation.

Ashford’s urban development it would seem, has been led by traffic engineers, whose sole ambition is to allow traffic to flow as quickly and efficiently as possible at the expense of all other qualities such as public urban life. Demographic, spatial and photographic research presents a bleak picture. Over the decades, our ever-increasing vehicle dependency has scarred Ashford, leaving behind an archipelago of segregated islands framed by road and rail infrastructure. The proposals set out to create a new layer within the urban network, one that empowers spatial connectivity and programmatic diversity. It negotiates a new urban route, which reconfigures existing conditions, imagining new sub centres for Ashford’s currently isolated residential communities. ‘Re-Stitch Ashford’ works to leverage the existing and, where necessary, removes the old to make way for the new, creating a more digestible,

harmonious and connected experience of the urban environment.​

Level Up, Ashford, Kent

Ashford Borough Council

'Level Up' celebrates Ashford’s diverse array of activities, bringing them together and creating a park of emerging programmatic adjacencies; a cross section of Ashford’s community.
The proposal works with the contemporary, creating a park that enjoys the immediate moment, whilst anticipating and activating the site’s future.  Temporal programmatic carpets subdivide the grid of the future proposal allowing Ashford residents to envisage and interact with the future urban grain of the site. Strategically, the proposal inhabits two time frames - the immediate and the long term. The programmatic carpets of the civic circus treads lightly on the site, whereas the infrastructural intervention of the ‘level up’ promenade acts to connect both short and long term visions for Ashford. The promenade celebrates the site's adjacency to the rail network, frames programmatic relationships, creates elevated vistas and allows for strong cross connectivity.

The envisaged proposal lives within the realm of the temporal but anticipates its coexistence with the future.

Inflatable Hinges

Design prototype 

The project investigates the possibility of an inflatable hinge. Tackling the total system, each individual working component was developed including the inflator system, the air splitting system, the inflatable hinges themselves and their supporting arms. 

The whole system is programmed with an Arduino micro controller and connected to movement sensors allowing the lattice structures inflatable hinges to respond to movement in its environment.

The system is designed to be off grid. It operates on 12 volts and its energy is generated by the sun, using solar panels. 




Pioneer, Ashford, Kent
Research - Designing with Data

The brief developed for the business incubator suggested several activity hubs. By means of experimentation the project investigates the implications of these being placed in close proximity both in terms of the hubs themselves and the spaces in between and explores programme under the influence of magnetism and the effects of the draw of one, two and three magnets.

Each point in space has a unique character, which is determined by its physical location and the relative strengths of the three hubs. In the same way any user wishing to establish themselves on site would select an initial location relative to their profile. This may be docked into a specific activity hub with a sole interest or somewhere in space subject to the relative influence of all three. 




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